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UPDATE 18th of august 2016:

- Fixed a few bugs.

- Added resize / screen scalability support.


UPDATE 13th of july 2016 (version 2):

Since more time was given for the jam, the game has been updated with more features:

- Kill button has been added!

- Wait timer for customers who buy icecream. (will take shorter when days pass)

- Boss comes out of the door telling you to do your job now!

- Message pop-up window now shows up if you suggest flavours.

- A new day notification has been added.


Version 1 info:

This game was created in 3 days for a gamejam.

This is also my first ever game finished.

Things I wanted to add but didn't have enough time for:

- Kill button (kill customer and have everyone in the shop freak out)

- Add sounds / music

- More variation on new days

- A boss coming out of the door telling you to do your job (when hitting a strike)

- A message showing the same pop up window like customers have when they are buying for when the player suggests the flavour of the day.

- Tutorial implementation (easier to understand what to do).

- Better new day notification.


Play instructions:

The goal is to get the ammount of money before the day ends, but you can only sell 1 specific icecream. If you sell the icecream that the customer wants you will still get the money, but you will get a strike. If you get over 3 strikes you lose.

If the customer does not want your flavour of the day, you must try to convince him otherwise. If the customer really does not want it (shown by the 3 red exclamation marks), you can choose to send him out of the shop, give him the flavours that he wants or you can threaten him.

Be careful with making your decision, it can either lead to getting a strike, losing lots of money or it can get you killed.

To get the icecream flavours you must click on 1 of the squares under "Chosen flavours" (it will turn orange) and then click on 1 of the colors in the shop. The flavour will appear in the square. If you selected 2 flavours you can start selling your icecream to customers.

Check for new days in the top left of the screen, the game will refresh itself and you will need to gain more money each day.

If you lose you will see the ammount of money you earned in total and the ammount of days you survived.


Feel free to give me feedback on the game.

Have fun!


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Great, and funny little game! I role played a bit while playing the game, which makes it even more funnier. 8/10

So cool !

Wanna buy a watermelon/chocolate ice cream ?

No... but .. Wanna buy a watermelon/chocolate ice cream ?

Comon, buy me a watermelon/chocolate ice cream ?

So you don't Wanna buy a watermelon/chocolate ice cream ?

*pulls his gun* Wanna buy a watermelon/chocolate ice cream ?

Yea ? Oh thx, you won't regret it ! Kappa

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